Nic Collins is an award-winning writer/director/editor based in LA. In 2012, Nic got his first notable directing work, the first music video for rapper Vic Mensa. Nic began working as director, editor and shooter within the hip hop community of Chicago and worked with artists such as Chance the Rapper, DJ Premiere, Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller. That same year Nic's first short film NIGHTMARE would be selected by the Rome International Film Festival 2012. In 2013, he wrote and directed his first feature film, BEASTS, which received Honorable Mention for Experimental Filmmaking at Oregon Underground Film Festival 2013 and received a distribution deal with 24 Foot Square. That same year, Nic also began freelancing with Launch Digital Marketing as shooter, editor and director. He would work with them until moving to LA in 2015. In 2015, he wrote, directed, edited and produced his first web series, YEAR OF THE SNAKE, which has been accepted into 19 film festivals as of 2019 as well as taking home the award for “Best Web Series” at three different film festivals. Nic then launched a second web series titled THE FOAM PALACE SESSIONS which featured live music performances from Chicago's punk and underground music scene inside the infamous "Foam Palace". Nic then moved to LA and started freelance directing and editing. In 2016, Nic was added to Simian Design's directing roster. He directed two music videos for the pop band DREAMERS. The music video for DREAMERS "SWEET DISASTER" currently has over 1 Million views. In 2016 Nic wrote and directed the short film PERFECT MAN which was funded and produced by ActivePitch. The film was accepted into the DTLA Film Festival 2018 and the Bureau of Creative Works 2019. In May 2019 PERFECT MAN was selected as the SHORT OF THE DAY by In 2017, David Ayala, Kyle Cogan and Nic launched SHORT ROUND COOL SHIT, a bi-monthly screening series for independent filmmakers. In 2020 Nic's series BEACHED was accepted into SXSW. Nic is also in production on two animated projects titled SOLAR BLADER and THORON. The project are animated by Conor Reed of Jazz Records Animation and Sean Godsey of Scannedlife. Nic loves 80's comic books, 90's hip hop, pro wrestling, action figures and salmon rolls.